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The perfect way to expose your product to your target market is to go for outdoor advertising. Outdoor advertising is the ideal marketing gimmick, whether it’s at an exhibition or at a sporting event. This remains a method that is still inexpensive to produce, where production costs for more advanced advertising media may hold back small businesses. Best choice for your outdoor advertising solutions.

Best choice for your outdoor advertising solutions to get the best bussiness
Outdoor advertising solutions

Dhirendra Media, the well known outdoor advertising company in Pune  provides all types of advertising solutions as shown below:


Hoarding advertising is the most preferred outdoor advertising media today to make your business reach out to a wide audience of all classes. It is a way of branding products and in use for a long time. This is a very trusted medium and can be used very effectively and in a profitable way in collaboration with Dhirendra Media. Dhirendra Media does outdoor advertising with tie-ups of many agencies in PCMC, Pune City, Talegaon, Hinjewadi, Express Highway & much more.


Dhirendra Media provides services for gantries according to the requirements of the clients. A gantry billboard is known as the overhead structure which spans across the road. With this media, we enable the business to have a direct communication with the targeted and potential clients and increases the brand awareness as it is visible to the passengers on both sides. The passengers travelling to both sides are able to see what you are depicting on the billboard about your products and services. This way, the tool acts as a constant reminder whenever somebody passes through the road.

Pole Kiosk

It is a beneficial alternative to use pole kiosks to cover the market areas, highways, and the ever busy streets. We provide the enhanced pole kiosk advertising with the right graphics for the overall advanced appearance. We, Dhirendra Media with our team’s professional approach, expert skills, strategic planning makes sure that the clients get the best from us.


Make the banners speak for your business. Dhirendra Media is providing outdoor banner advertising service for all the businesses across Pune. Our outdoor advertising banners will attract more people to your products and services. We create a wide variety of banners according to the requirements of our clients. It can be made in different designs and colours which will suit the advertising needs of your business. These banners will get noticed by the mass quickly.

Bus media is one of the best and effective outdoor advertising. By opting for bus branding, Dhirendra Media enables you to deliver messages about your business all through the city as it covers a maximum number of onlookers across the city. Another important advantage of choosing this media is that you get maximum coverage both during the day and night. This way, those who miss during daytime as they are busy working in an office can definitely get to see what you are trying to deliver while returning from home.

We are one of the best outdoor advertising companies in Pune as we have prime locations all around the city. Through all our outdoor advertising services mentioned above, we are looking forward to promoting the businesses of our clients by providing them with a unique brand image. We plan and design the advertisements according to the needs and requirements of the clients. We put our clients at the centre in order to provide them with the complete satisfaction. Get to us if you have any requirements for outdoor advertising for your business. Bus branding


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